Need help cutting out an image with font

Hello, I would like some advice. I am creating images in Photoshop and converting them from bitmap to vector in Inkscape. The image has font on it and what I can’t figure out is how to cut the image out in Easel. I want to completely cutout the outline and heart, but only engrave the font. How do I go about making this happen? When I bring it up in Easel, everything seems to be grouped, so I can’t choose a different depth for the font. I have attached the image for reference.
Thank you for your help!

you should learn how to create images in illustrator

maybe not the advice you wanted, but you’ll thank me later.
trace the outline of the dog in illustrator and convert it to vector.

Type the text in illustrator. It will automatically be in vector

vector is what you need, photoshop is no good for that.

note that the lower pointof the heart will only be as sharp as the tool diameter you use.

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Thank you Robert! If I create the text as a separate vector and then import it, does it need to be on a special background? Will it let me import a transparent background?

Great, I’ll try that! Thanks so much!

For something like that, I would make multiple copies of the full Easel project. I’d then use a separate bit for each project, and remove everything that isn’t to be cut with that bit. For example, I’d cut the heart with file 1, engrave the text with file 2, then cut the outline with file 3. As long as you only remove objects but don’t move the objects to be cut, it’ll work just fine.

If you choose the material before you copy the project, it will carry over into the next project. Zero also carries over across Easel projects, so if your steppers lock when not carving (maintains X and Y zero) then all you’ll have to do is set Z zero and declare a new home position when you start carving each project to account for the different bit lengths. Just make sure you know what feed/speed you want to use with each bit and change it on each file. Don’t want to accidentally use engraving settings with an outline cut. (1.0 MB)

this is a SVG file ready to open in Easel. :wink:

I confess to complete ignorance and am trying to learn everything I can before starting to actually use my X-Carve; just received it on Friday and haven’t even had time to put it together and probably won’t get to it for a month!!! Anyway, how does someone use the picture you inserted? How do you save it as an SVG file? I can only figure out how to save it as an image!! Man, have I got a lot to learn!!!