Need help finding a collet!

I just bought the Dewalt 611 router for my CNC machine, and I’m just finding out that i need a new collet to fit my 1/8" bits. If someone could point me in the right direction of a 1/8" collet that will work with the Dewalt 611, that’d be great.




The inventables shop sells a very nice one.

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The folks at also sell a nifty ER-style collet which is very nice.

Get the
elaire DWP1250
At $20.00 you will not regret it and save a ton of money.

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I got the same one from Elaire. Way way better than using the adapters that reduce the shank from 1/4 to 1/8.

It was $25, but once you add shipping to the UK and the import duty that I was charged, it came to over $40.

Still, I have it now and it works great. I use it far more often than the 1/4 collet that ships with the 611.

My collet always rolls under the table saw.

Problem solved! Thanks guys!