Need Help Making a Box With six solid sides

Hi Folks,
Here is my quandary.
I have this box made with the box generator app.
It has 5 sides, I need all six with tabs.
I have tried duplicating the sides and flipping and overlaying them, but do not get the result I need.
I have no other graphic software, so who can help please?
Thank you,
Martin Gutzmer

You could use an online template generator and import the SVG into Easel.

As an exampleā€¦there are others.


Can you just add more tabs and place them where you want? You only have 4 tabs selected just add more until you get them where you want.

so, Erik, it worked beautifully!!Thank You so !much!!
What part of the world are you in? God Bless

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Glad it worked! I am in Augusta, Georgiaā€¦enjoying the humidity today :slight_smile: