Need help making exact inlays

I’m having trouble with my inlays. I’m drawing in sketch up and create a mirror image so I’m exporting 2 images. Using a plugin to convert to svg. Importing to easel. Using “fill” on one image and “outside line” on the other. Can anyone help me figure out why I’m getting theses small discrepancies?



Have you tried using the inlay app? It works pretty well. Although I’d say the discrepancies you see are probably from an imperfect machine :confused:

Everything you’re doing is good, Don’t change it. Only problem you have is miss steps. You better go over your fine alignment like Belts/V Wheels/Pulley setscrews and stepper power one more time. Machine is loosing steps and position.
Or maybe you’re going too deep and fast to cause deviation on climb cut.

Thanks For the advice. I checked the v-wheels and tightened up the belts. It’s much better, but there are still some gaps. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow and post a photo.

Thanks again.


There can never be enough TIE-fighters in this world. :smile:

ok. i readjusted the v wheels. confirmed the pulley setscrews were tight. I adjusted the belts. Actually over tightened them, and then, with small test carves in between, loosened them until they ran smoothly. I was running test carves with MDF for speed and cheap material cost. I just finished my last test carve and I’m still seeing gaps similar to the one I posted above. Is it possible that the belts are too tight? how long does it usually take for new belts to stretch out?

thanks guys