Need help on 3018 CNC shutting down while in a cut

What should I look for on a 3018 if you start a project and it cuts for a minute or less? I know nothing about CNC routing. I am willing to learn. I retired from a completely different field.

Sounds like RF/EMI-noise picked up by the USB cable, causing the USB to drop out for a brief moment. This will stop a carve dead in its tracks. USB is the weakest link in the signal chain.

The DC spindle of the 3018 is a noisy spindle in this regard so my first suggestions would be:

  • Get a good quality, properly shielded USB-cable
  • Get an externally powered USB-hub and use this between PC/3018 (this provide stronger RF/EMI-rejection)
  • Dont let power-carrying cables run close or parallell to USB-cable, separate them.