Need Help Removing DWP611 Stuck in 611 Mount Mid-Install

I tried installing my Dewalt DWP611 in the 611 Mount. I had to use a screwdriver to pull the mount apart so that I could get the router in. Long story short, now the 611 is stuck mid-install.

I can’t get the 611 to go in any further, nor can I remove it, which probably means I should take customer service up on their offer to send me a new one.

However, that leads to the problem that the router is stuck in the mount and won’t budge. Any ideas out there to help me out of my bind?

I use a wide flat tip screwdriver, place it in the gap and twist to open mine.

I would try a small wedge (or two) made of wood to open up the holder a bit. A little WD 40 might also help

I went with a screwdriver as well

Your post reminded me that I had a large screwdriver hidden away in my garage. It did the trick to remove the router.

I think there is something wrong with the shape of the mount… while I was removing the router, it seemed as if the mount wasn’t quite round. I’ll let customer service send me a replacement like they offered, and can sleep soundly knowing I won’t have to send the router back stuck in this mount. :smile:

Mine is the same way. The curve of the mount is just a hair too small for the diameter of the router.
So it is not just a mater of prying it open as it is too snug in the other direction as well.
I had a hell of a time getting it in place and I don’t think I will be able to get it out.

If it came to that, my plan for destructive removal was to cut the “hinge” part of the mount with a dremmel cut of wheel.

Let us know if the replacement mouth is better. Maybe there was a bad batch? I may want to replace mine as well.

Yes, the replacement was much better. I only needed a small screwdriver to gently separate the opening to get the router in, and it should be no problem removing it (without resorting to cutting the mount in half) in the future.

Good to know. Maybe there was a bad batch? :confused:
I will be doing more mods in the future, I will probably get a new mount when I do.