Need help! Stars - American flag

Chicagoland/Suburbs We are in need of some urgent help! I’m a wounded Veteran, I am making and donating large wooden flags to a military organization for an event…we need the field of blue carved with 50 stars!! Any one in the Chicagoland area or suburbs able or willing to help?!? Need done by Wednesday 10/10/18!! Willing to drive! Piece is somewhere around 18x24…so it needs to be the larger machine …we are purchasing an x-carve but won’t have it yet. Please help!

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How many do you have to do.

@WayneHall We have 2 flags that we need the 50 stars carved out!

I am 2 hours south of Chicago

@WayneHall Thanks I’ll let you know, I have one other prospect that’s a bit closer to me that might be able to do it!

No problem.

Inventables is based in Chi maybe someone there can help?

Thank you for your service

I already have a template ready to go to v-carve the stars. If your other options fail, I can get you an overnight turnaround. I work in Downers Grove.

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You might be able to buy a premade clear plastic union template from a crafts type store or maybe Amazon/Ebay.