Need help to identify this Washer

Guys, I found very handy washer in my screw jars, I found these washers we were using on some French made photolab equipment back in time. These are Steel Spring washers; I think other name is Belleville Washers.
Outside = 0.39x "
Inside = 0.207"
Thickness = 0.01"

When you put two together face to face or back to back it gives 0.06". That way there is flex between 0.02 to 0.06".

I used for my V-Wheels, work like a charm. If we can find spring washer like these, I’m sure it will be permenant solution for V-Wheel popping. Example, I had to put 3 washers on one of my X wheels, seems a little bit abused wheel. Means can add more than 1 washer as we need it. Here are the pictures, I try to focus as much as I can.

McMaster Carr sells them.

They’re not thin enough. Plus there is no OD and ID matching I can find.

You can’t use just one of these instead of two half the thickness? Same ID & OD, but twice as thick.

Here is a wavy washer that is closer to the .01" thickness and gives more deflection then the belleville spring disk.

that works, thank you. I’ll order and let everyone know who ever need.