Need help to understand GBRL

I see a lot of references to GBRL values in several discussions. I’m so new that I don’t know how to access these values or what they all mean. Can anyone point me to any publication that would be helpful to explain and manipulate GBRL in beginner language? Sorry that this is so basic and a repeat.

here’s the github page with all the explanations, the clickable shorthand at the top will take you to the longer explanation further down the page…

Thank You Very Much. There is a lot to look into but I now have a place to study the topic. I hope you may be available if I have questions down the road. - Fred

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GRBL G-code definitions (

G-Code Tutorial for CNC Programming: 6 Simple Steps | All3DP

This is a discussion of gcode for 3d printers. 3d Printers use some of the similar gcodes in Grbl. Just to give you an idea. CNC Routers wouldn’t use all those codes but they might use other ones that Printers couldn’t use, like turning on a spindle.

G-code Basics for 3D Printing — CNC Kitchen

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