Need help understanding tool change options

Hi all,

I am working on cutting out the California coast line with about 25% of the work surface being ocean (carved out).

Given that the total work surface is about 2’x2’ I am using a 3/4 bit to hog out most of the ocean. Since it’s a larger bit, I’m not going to able to capture some of the details on the actual coast line itself so I’ll need to run a small second bit get more detail.

That said, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to best do this. If I use easels second bit option, the smaller (1/8”) bit will run through the entire ocean part, which would be a waste of time.

My other option would be to rough it out with the 3/4” bit and then run an entirely separate carve with just the outline of the coast. However, I when I did that, the 1/8” bit started cutting into the land area instead of just running along the coast line.

Am I missing something? How would the experts here best approach this situation?

I think this sounds like a solid plan.

Not sure why it would do that if you created a pocket that followed the coast.

Without knowing exactly what you’re doing, I slapped this together.