Need help with a project

Hi guys. so I am having trouble making a project as precise as I need it to be. All Im trying to do is make some circles however all of the circles need to meet at the same point, its hard to explain so iv included a rough svg file to give people an idea. The problem im having is that I cant get the “top” of the circles to be perfectly aligned like I need them to be. Im sure theres a way to do it but im just not good enough with any program that is capable of it. Im not necessarily looking for someone to do it for me I just dont really know what program I should use. You can ignore the smaller circles as they are irrelevant, Im only interested in aligning the big ones. If it helps im planning to use my x carve.

easel doesnt allow for the circles to be a precise size. all the circles need to be exactly 2in smaller than the last starting at 24 and ending with 10. I could get it close but this will be used as a template so I want it as precise as possible.


hey brent let me see if i can help you out what do you mean by they need to start at 24 and end at 10?

The largest of the circles needs to be 24in then the next 22 then 20 then 18 and so on until there is a 10in circle.That is the smallest size I need

oh okay I see what you mean now one thing that i noticed is that the svg you provided does not have smooth lines and thats why they are not lining up let me pull it into inkscape and see if i can smooth it out for ya and we will start there

Thanks. I just made that in google sketch up and for some reason thats the way it makes circles. Im not sure if i can change that or not.


I made them alot straighter than they were the problem is those little half moons in the svg they are messing everything up lol so I am curious why did easel not work?


this is what you are after right?

I can esely provide one that doesnt have those half moons in it if you think it will help. In google sketch up I can click the circle tool then just type 24. This makes a circle exactly 24in. In easel I have to drag the circle to what I think is close to 24. In most projects that margin is negligible however as I stated earlier this will be used as a template so if the space between each circle isnt exactly the same it wont function properly and without going into to much detail due to the extreme boredom the overly complicated answer would cause, my “piece’” wont come out exactly round like it needs to. yes thats what I’m looking for. The other problem is getting it into a file that will keep the proportions correct. I noticed that when bringing an svg into easel it doesnt always keep it the proper size.

I do have ugcs but I havent used it yet.

What do you mean about Easel not allowing precise circles? You can adjust the X any Y sizes, and adjust their X and Y positions, as well as defining whether they are to be cut on the line, outside, or inside.

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hey man check this image out you can adjust all of that stuff in easel down to .001" honestly I am not that good yet in Inkscape to fix that svg perfect :frowning: but I have created things like this in easel before with no problem it is just going to take some time but if i understand you correctly it can be done

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as far as bringing a svg into easel I believe the svg has to be created at the exact size that you want for it to import the same size how precise are you talking about here? .01", .001", .0001", or .00001?

well yes that will accomplish my goal you are right that it will take a while. theres really no easier way to do this even using something like sketchup.

as precise as I can get it. The circles will have something that mounts onto them that needs to fit as tightly as possible in order to produce the results im looking for.

lol I am sure there is and I am sure with the proper software you could do this all day long really easy I know I could probably do it in Fusion 360 but to be honest with you I have spent hours on a single easel file getting it right in some cases


oooooo okay so you are doing some inlay work?

because for inlay a tolerance of .01 should work

hmm on second thought with the x-carve maybe .001 and it will turn out to be .01"

correct me if i am wrong on this one @RobertA_Rieke

I guess its a sort of inlay. Except what will be inlayed into the circle will be used as a blank template and copied hundreds of times.

Is there a way for me to change how thick the lines are.

lol now i am interested in your project and seeing what you are doing but no so what software do you have I can do some research for you and see if I can find a tutorial showing how to do what you want