Need help with an Easel file

Hey guys,

A friend of mine begged me last minute to make something for his wife’s birthday tomorrow.

It is a script sign of their last name and I took a font made in Corel, then thickened it with the Easel “offsetter” app and it’s pretty much what I want.

**Except, Easel will cut out the dot of the (i). And there’s a weird notch on two spots of the M. I would’ve like that to be smooth, without the notch.

Can anyone help me?!?! I’d greatly appreciate it!

I wish I knew how to thicken in Corel OR export what my Easel file looks like so I could just snip the intersecting pieces.

I’ve created disposable circles to pinpoint what I’m talking about.

Easel File Here

Hi Timothy

I was just mucking around with your file and came up with this.(not perfect, but you should get the idea)
Move the circle down so it intersects the i, and then go to combine. This should make the dot part of the i.
With the notches, just double click on the lines and edit the points. You can delete and/or move the points until you are happy with how it looks.
Hope this helps


You didn’t happen to save the file with those edits, did you?

Again, thanks for the tips.

It has those bumps because the original font has separate pieces in those locations. So the offset creates those bumps in those locations when it combines the separate pieces of the M.


No sorry, but it is very simple to do

I edited it a bit, is this what you’re looking for?

The edits are on the 2nd workspace piece.

I got the two notches fixed,

but I cannot seem to get that dot to combine without losing some of the inside cut outs of the letters, like the a.

Just got it.

Yes. Thanks!