Need help with carving

Every time I carve text on a board I will put it in easle that will read left to right but when I carve it, it will read right to left can someone help with this.
Thank you.

What machine?
What is your $3 setting?

3018 cnc not under standing $3 setting where do i find that at.

Machine–>Advanced–>Machine Inspector
In the console, when connected to the machine, type $$

It will report back you settings.

I assume you mean vertically mirrored text?
If so your X-axis is reversed.

You can change direction of each axis in two ways:

  • Hardware - Swap around one pair of the stepper motor 4 wires (4 wires, which consist of two pairs)
  • Software - Change the mapping of the axes, defined by GRBL parameter $3

It happens vertically and horizontal text and I have to flip it to cut right.

The $3= 6 is what the setting are not sure what to set it at and the carvings are not where they should be when I carve they are off on the wood I carve.

I can tell you if you can better explain which axis is flipped.

If it’s flipped horizontally (left-right), it’s the X.
If it’s flipped vertically (front back), it’s the Y.

Checking…does the machine jog in reverse as well?

Both axis is flip x and y I was going to change the $3= from 6 to 3 and see if that works and my carvings are off I put Lines on my board to see where the carving is going to start and it is off. I hope my changing this setting helps. I think the machine jogs in reverse how do you check that out. I am new to this and learning.

You want to change it to $3=5.

Are you using Easel? There are jog command buttons (to “manually” move the machine). If you click RIGHT, does it move left?

yes I am using easel and I will have to check it out to see if it is right easel is connected to my machine and it works my machine.

I connected my computer to my machine and I tryed to jog it and if I hit the left button it will move your x to the left and if I hit the right button it will move my x to the right and same with the y axis if I hit the top button y will go back and bottom it will go forward I should say table on the y axis

I went and changed $3=6 to $3=5 and I am going to try a simple letter carving to see if it makes a change in the carving.

If it jogs the correct direction, your $3 value is good.
Take a picture (or video) of what you are seeing.

If I change the $3=5 it will jog in opposite directions than what the buttons are.

Is your first name Neil, I will try to make a video of my carving so you can see what i am seeing. I will have to change my axis direction back to $3=6 and then i will make a video.


So it sounds like the axes are not reversed.

Where are you setting your work zero? Front Left is what Easel designed projects expect.

I have been using the center for my work zero, I will do the front left to see if it makes a difference on my carving.

I don’t know what I did but it’s carving right and not backwords