Need help with efficient milling and svg


You might also want to try , I’ve had very good luck with that site.

No worries on the bit size, Easel will automatically just not carve any detail too small for the bit to fit into. On something that complex, you will see a very significant loss of detail at an 8" size if you go larger than a 1/16th, I’d think. Your best bet would be to use the two-tool engraving method they have, and use a 1/8 or 1/4 or so to clear the bulk of it, then go to a 1/16th for your details. At least, that’s how I would tackle it if I was using Easel. :smile:

Thank you for your quick response! How would one implement the two-tool engraving method?

Check out, and it’ll give you all the info you need on it. Works quite well!

You will need to request access to it, it’s still a “beta” tool, but it’s amazingly handy for exactly what you’re doing there.

What type of bit would you recommend for this project?

Personally, I’d probably use a 1/8" two-flute downshear for the bulk of it, with a 1/16th for the second tool doing the detailing. Downshear again preferred, for the far nicer surface finish.

Thanks again Dan Brown.

Easel keeps crashing when I try and upload the svg from

And here is where we more or less run up against the extent of my knowledge. Were you able to open the SVG in Inkscape, etc, to validate that it did convert properly?

Yes I can open it in inkscape

Interesting. It might be worth posting this one up down in the Easel area with a cross-reference to this thread, since this definitely seems to be more of an Easel concern than a mechanical one. It will likely get noticed there by the people who know enough to help somewhat quicker. :smile:

I’d suggest trying Estlcad (or one of the other packages discussed), and not using Easel.

If the svg uses a gradient, easel will not be able to read it in

Could anyone else try converting this image to an SVG file that works with easel? This would be much Appreciated!

I’m pretty sure that the one I uploaded was not a gradient and I would prefer to use easel over another program.

Could you attach the original file to your post and I’ll see what I can do for you.
Or just pm (email) me the file.

Try this one

Andy4us thank you so much!!! works like a charm you dah man!

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No problem, make sure you post a picture of the finished carve !

I’ve found that if I open the SVG in MakerCam ( and save it again from there, Easel is usually a lot happier with the incoming file.

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In inkscape when you trace bitmap you end up with 2 images one on the other. Take top image drag it to the side and delete bottom layer then save.

Save as Optimized SVG in inkscape.

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for something with fine detail like that, you may want to try V-carving. I use F-engrave to do v-carving but there are other options. I don’t think Easel can do that yet.

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