Need help with eseal software

I have been using eseal for about a week. I am watching the tutorials on YouTube. Can someone please tell me how to enlarge the 3D work piece (on the left of the screen). Thank you

There are “+” and “-” signs in the bottom right corner of the work area. This increases and decreases the size of the piece you’re working on.

Thank you for responding. That “+” and “-” signs works on the work piece on the left where you do your design. What about the right hand side. The side where you can see the piece of material that you are using.

Use the left mouse button and scroll wheel to increase size. Use the right mouse button to pan with the mouse movement (i.e. right, left, up down)

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THANK YOU!!! You are a star!!!

Glad to help. I’m still new myself.

I love my x-carve…just struggling to get nice and correct cutter bits in South Africa.