Need help with Fusion 360 and machine positioning

Hey Guys:

I got my machine built (1000mm kit with the extras) and got the motors moving using a Linux based PC and Universal GCODE sender.

I’m working in Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM and I’m having a strange problem.

The toolpaths I’m getting from Fusion always wants to move in a straight line from the WCS origin to the first entry point.

The problem is my WCS original is on the top corner of my stock, so this has the effect of basically dragging the end mill across the surface of the piece until it gets to the entry point.

Then the mill raises to the “safe” clearance, and then plunges into the stock.

Based on the Fusion 360 docs it sounds like the mill should move the clearance height first and then move to the beginning of the toolpath:

Any thoughts?

i had the same issue and i think i posted a link somewhere. i’m using a custom shapoko post process modified so that id does a 0.5in lift before the first move. going to see if i can dig up the link

ok so this isnt optimal because i’m not at my computer but here goes;

go here

get the shapoko.cps file

all this does is automate things during your post process. i dont claim to be a expert but this is what i did.

your going to need to edit it. notepad works but fusion i believe have an editor build it. either way the file needs to be modified. it comes set to MM so the initial Z rise custom command raises Z to 15… which would cause a top crash if you dont change this. i modified mine to 0.5 bringing the Z one half inch above Z 0. i always set Z 0 to the top of my part but if you use your waste board to Z 0 then you may want to tweak that number. anywho find the comments in the file its pretty easy to locate.

// Raises Z instead of G28 before starting tool
customZOffset: 15.0, <-------- change that to 0.5

during your post process make sure you select the shapoko.cps file.

that site will tell you where to save the file to or rather extract it to.

hope this helps!.


Thanks very much.

I’ll take a look at the post process script and see if I can get it to use the clearance distance instead of a fixed value.


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Did you have any luck with getting the clearance distance to pass though to the file?

mine works fine. at times i have to adjust it but i usually do that in the gcode file its self