Need help with halftoner

I search through the forum for settings suggestions on doing a line carve halftone using the halftoner software. Below is the settings I used and the outcome. The red circle is just bad, bad, bad setup and settings. The green circle was done with the settings shown in the other screenshots. The wood is birch 1/4" plywood with black spray paint. The bit was a 60 degree v-bit. The green circle looks decent in the picture but does not look that good live.

I am open to any suggestions on material, paint, setup, speeds, phases of the moon, voodoo, black magic, etc… that would help me turn out a better image.

BTW, this is my parents wedding picture. The are in their 70’s and have been married for 56 years.



Adjust the contrast and levels using a pixel editor, also, if you have access to a pixel editor with photo-oriented filters, try unsharp mask.

Also, if the surface isn’t perfectly smooth / level to the endmill, would suggest using a comm / control program which allows you to probe the surface and map the G-Code file to it.

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