Need help with Jtech Fill Settings

Hello all! I just got my Jtech 2.8 laser installed and running yesterday and had some successful engravings on pine using outlined letters. My problem is when I try to fill the letters or fill an image. Massive charring with too deep of a cutout. I’m sure there’s a power setting or something I’m not seeing. I’m using Vcarve Pro and Picsender. Thanks

With laser mode enabled, the spindle speed is what controls the output power, and your spindle max is set to 255. If you want half power, set the spindle RPM to 127.5. If you haven’t tried it, you might find LightBurn worth a look too - it’ll do import, layout, engraving, some editing, and sends to the laser all in one package, and works well with GRBL 1.1e or later in laser mode.

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Although you can have great success with Vcarve PRO and the laser, Vcarve is not specifically programed to allow for laser differences.

You will have to experiment with feed speeds and power levels to get the best results when using Vcarve PRO and your laser. Most likely you would need two different setups for outline and fill.

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