Need help with light up sign with buzzer and horn

Ok I have been asked to make a sign that says BOOM!! That they can push a button when they make a sale in their office.

He wants the signs to light up and/or flash and then make a horn type sound as well.

The sign isn’t an issue, obviously.

I have no idea how I can wire a horn and flashing leds to a push button.

Id like the horn to go off after releasing the button but would like the leds to flash a bit behind the lettering.

Is this too much? Too hard? Too expensive? Because I have no idea where to start.

I looked at scoring buzzers, game show buttons, hockey goal lights and a few other things but nothing specifically fitting my needs.

ANY help would greatly appreciated, - two web sites where I buy lots of microelectronic components, lights, buttons, switches, Arduino stuff. Check out their ‘Learn’ section and look for ‘buzzer’.

@Traxxtar is correct, those are the best sites to source the info and parts in one place or ebay or amazon on quantity. It’s a pretty simple circuit below, but if you want the lights to flash my advice would be incorporating an arduino micro with a simple led routine (all this info is available on adafruit) and arduino micros are only like $10 the rest of the components are pretty cheap as well. If you just want the lights and buzzer to go on (but not flash) when you press the button just use the simple schematic below. hope this helps a bit.

You could use something like

Thanks guys I’ll do some more research.

Maybe wire a button like this that makes applause sound and wire it to turn on LED’s as well. Or Staples "That was Easy"button?

Instead of the noise you describe how about a rotating pattern using LEDs then a bang or something. Arduino make this type of thing easy to do and you can customize it anyway you want. Arduino microprocessors paired with your CNC projects offer many possibilities. The learning curve might be a bit tough but it is worth it. For a one-time project you could work with a guy/gal who knows Arduino–high school kids are good with this stuff.

I do embeded programming. If interested I can make it light up and flash and then make the booming sound.
If your interested message me and I will help you with it.