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I’m new to the XCarve and Easel. Although I have been playing around with cuts, bits, and YouTube videos…I am looking for help with inlaying a uniform patch. I have the file uploaded into Easel, and have carved it already. My question is how do I do an inlay, where it will just carve the outside of the patch, and then carve out the wood for an inlay? Right now when I use the inlay app, I can’t select to carve just along the outside of the patch. image

so, your try to inlay a fabric patch into a (let say a plaque) piece of wood?

You want to cut out your carving of a patch and inlay it in another piece of wood?
You shouldn’t need the inlay app for that shape. Just mill a pocket using the same outline.
Can you share the Easel project?

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I have the file of the patch uploaded as an SVG. I’m not sure how to inlay it as an outline. Im also not sure how to share the project. Any ideas? Thanks!

I was just looking to see how to cut out the image to inlay it in a separate piece of wood. So it would have to be outlined, cut, and then a pocket cut out in the other piece of wood

try using this

patch.pdf (1.9 KB)

convert to svg


Thank you this! But how did you get to that point? If I have other images to do, how do you do that?

check out the apps (image trace)

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