Need Help with Pattern

I need assistance… I am wanting to do these square monogram frames with last name as pictured…I cannot find any SVG files for these items…I have looked everywhere Etsy, other sites…can anyone PLEASE help me with this. I have been using Easel with all my other projects

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Hi Josh,

Looks relatively straightforward and easy to do in Easel… Have you tried creating your own?

I can make them up for you for $10 billion dollars …



Hey Josh, I saw your post and thought it looked cool. gave it a quick try using only what Easel has, this is what i came up with in a few minutes. Not hard to do even though full name doesn’t match, but that’s just a matter of finding the right “stencil” type font

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Just make sure you make all the cuts profile, rather than pockets as shown or it will take FOREVER.