Need help with project

Here is project. When I run through it says it will take 15+hours to do. Maybe someone can tell me how to do it quicker. Different bit? Different depth? Speed? And still get good results.

The project is not shared.
Did that work? If not can you tell me the steps to share it

Nope. File>Share>Share with link>Copy>Save

That worked. Your problem is you are trying to carve the whole thing with a 90 degree bit. You can use a 2 stage carve and rough it out with a 1/4" or 1/8" bit then to the finish work with the 90 degree bit. That will cut your time way down.Also it would save a lot of time if you did not go as deep.

@GeorgeMOvery I have several suggestions. One set the letters to zero cut depth. Two, use two stage carving. I would use a .25" endmill to remove most of the material and then use the 90 degree v bit. Three, this is a large sign, I would reduce the depth of cut to zero for the letters, .05" for the boat and .1" for the bottom layer. This should reduce you time by quite a bit.

Thanks this sign I made the same way and it turned out great. I have 12 orders for this sign … I’m going to try the depths and see how it changes the look


Ok one more question if I use 1/4” down cut it’s a Bosch I got from Lowe’s. What should I set feed rate, plunge rate, and depth per pass

Use the default settings from Easel. They are very conservative. Depending on your machine you may be able to increase the feed rate. Most likely the feed rate will default to 40 ipm. The depth per pass should be at about .06". Much of this also depends on your machine.

I have a new x carve with Dewalt 611 on it. Just got it last week. So I’m very new to all of this

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@GeorgeMOvery Welcome to the Inventables community. The forum is full of many great people that are willing to help you. If you wish, take a look at some of my videos. They are designed to lessen the learning curve for those just getting started. I will try to help you in any way possible.

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Thx for your welcome.
I am just getting into cnc and will have my new machine which I order today through Amazon.
Its the 3018 Prover That should arrive on the 21st.
thx Larry

depth per pass was one issue. it was preset .026 I did manual and changed it to .06 and changed feed rate to 50 it was preset at 38 those two thing really changed things

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Keep it at speed setting #1, 95% of all carving types dont need more than 16k RPM.
(When gaining experience and understanding why coupled with a task where higher RPM is a benefit, then up the RPM)

Too high RPM / too slow feed rate = bit rubbing, heating up, getting dull, hardning of the wood = failed carve and ruined bit.

This is so cool how do you make this sort of sign

i made in easel. followed a video on youtube that was making something different but used the same principles.

And at Max speed you can burn out your brushes in a few hours versus well over 150 hours on 1.