Need help with settings on 1000mm xcarve

NEED HELP!!! Recently finish building the 1000mm xcarvre. Everything is line up cuts beatiful except how deep it goes . When do a profile on 3/4 wood it cuts only 1/4 deep. I use easel. Then i tried inporting it from vcarve pro as gcode and same thing happens. I have to set it to 3in. to cut through. need help.

Sounds like you selected the wrong leadscrew in the easel setup.

Went back in and change it and now it goes to 3/8 in deep when i set it to

Adjust your steps per mm for the z-axis. There are several examples/instructions on how to do that here in the forum.

It is the $102 setting.

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If you go into the Easel machine inspector and type $$ what does it print out?