Need help with SVG

Hello All. I have been carving for awhile now and have been asked by a friend to carve his logo into some acrylic so he can have a backlit sign for his desk. The only picture he has of his logo are pictures from a camera. I have tried to trace in Inkscape but I am still trying to figure that workflow out. Could someone help me with converting this picture to SVG so I can get this carved soon. Thank you

Done. How can I email it to you. Message me.

ifi were you i’d demand for the font/design from your friend.

He must have made it on the computer at some point, right?

that will save you loads of time

Thank you. You guys are awesome. I am having him look to see what his wife used but it looks like it has already been found. I will look through the fonts to see if i can find the lower letters making up metalworks.

This is a really cool tool! Thanks!