Need help with text

Hi All -

I am making a belt buckle out of aluminum… my concern is getting the g-code correct (will manage the process of cutting aluminum later)…

The buckle is 4"L x 2.5"W x 1/4" Thick. I essential want to cut out the background around the text (the text will be 1/4" thick like the outside border around the buckle (the white areas)…
The black around the logo need to be cut to 1/8" depth and the circle needs to be cut all the way through (1/4")… Here is what it would look like…

I have been fooling around with sketchup/sketchucam and Illustrator/Easel. Any suggestion on which I should use?

Here are my questions:


  • do I draw all in 3d? or draw as flat? (if flat, do I use sketchucam to enter cut depths?)
  • if 3d, do I build above or below the Z-axis?
  • do I do as separate jobs? because of different cut depths?
  • if I had to switch bits, does g-code pause the job for me and do I need to “un-pause” it somehow once the bit is changed?

Illustrator… how would I do this? I cannot seem to make the background the “focus”… i have been trying to have a black background with white text to indicate to the machine that the black (background) needs to be cut not the letters… cannot seem to do that

Sorry for all the questions, but any help would be appreciated!


Here’s a fast (sloppy) version:

Thanks, but how did you create? via Illustrator?

That was done completely in Easel. To make the rounded corners you’ll need something like Illustrator, Inkscape, or CorelDraw. Then export the pieces as SVG and import them.