Need help with this

Trying to cut a strip on a pic of 1.5 wide wood that is 37 in long the x-carve is starting at the opposite side and cutting back to 0 . Then when I slide the pice down and cut again the cuts don’t line up .its almost the x-carve is flipping it over . Does it matter where the cuts starts?


How are you clamping it down? Have you checked to be sure your machine is square. When I tile I put a several blocks along the side then with a 1/8" bit it in the router I check to be sure the bit hits on all the blocks this way I am sure I am parallel with the carriage this ensures when I slide it forward it is actually parallel with the piece I am carving. On a critical one one time I actually turned the router on and skimmed the blocks to be sure they were all the same.


I have 2 big clamps in both sides plus the smaller ones by the union but I will do a check like you said thank you

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