Need help with UGS

So I’m in a bind here. I normally use chillipeppr to send g-code to my X-Carve that I generate using Fusion360 CAM, but the file I’m trying to cut right now is too big for chillipeppr to run. The program lags like you wouldn’t believe when I tried, and 10 hours into the cut it gave up and stopped all together. I’m trying to get another program to work, I need this cut to be done this weekend (its for my final for school). I downloaded a few versions of UGS, I can only get 1.04 and 1.06 to actually open (I’m using a mac), and neither of them can actually connect to the machine. They both give error messages when I attempt to open the port that the machine is connected to. They say “unknown application”.

What am I doing wrong? I keep hearing I need driver software, but I can’t find it anywhere, what else do I need to download? What other programs could work? I didn’t have any luck with Bcnc either.

UGS needs Java to work. Have you installed Java?

Apparently not, I thought I had installed Java years ago (isn’t that what flash player runs on?). Just installed it now, I’m now able to connect to the machine, thanks so much! I NEVER would have figured that out on my own. I’ll let you know if I have any more issues.

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Have you tried the nightly builds? They seem better than 1.x versions.

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I’ve been running the nightly build of version 2.0 for some time now. It has a few quirks but it has worked well for me.

Make sure the baud rate is set for 115200. Anything else will cause manual hair removal.

I’m having trouble with the UGS. Towards the end of a pocket carve. Starts to go slower and slower with jerking motions and then it eventually stops without finishing? Inventables support has reinstalled it and it still happens. Anyone else have had this problem or know a correction?