Need help with upgrading my spindle

Hi all

Im searching to upgrade my spindle from dewalt 611 to somthing stronger

Can you please guide me?

What kind of benefits is it you are hoping for?
(Powerwise the Dewalt is most likely strong enough for most Xcarves)

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If you are considering a full size router that can take larger and longer bits, I would wonder whether the physical structure and its bearings of an X carve could handle it without a lot of modifications. I have carved hard maple guitar necks with the Dewalt without any problem.


Yes, same here, running plywood at 1/4" depth at 150ipm with my Makita which is similar power wise to the Dewalt. (Not on Xcarve)

Hitachi M12VC works well. I upgraded to it.

More available HP, larger bits, lower RPM.

Works fine but Iā€™d recommend changing away from stock Z axis prior to changing the router.