Need help with V-Carving with Easel

So I don’t have a problem when using normal endmills in Easel but I was trying to carve this with the 1/8 shank 60° v-bit from inventables and it doesn’t look too good on some of the lines. The are not smooth lines. It looks almost like it is not staying straight on the line. I am not sure if maybe it is because the lines are so thin and I’m not cutting deep enough or what. I’m not as worried about the fuzzies but I just want the lines to be lines and not lines that look like the endmill is bouncing down the line. On the square outline it looks good but it is cut deeper, the letters are where I am having the issues. Any help would be great! If I need to give anymore info I will if I am able to.

All to do with speed of feed and speed of the bit…its a bit of trial and error I have found. Someone posted a spreadsheet on the subject for 2, 3, and 4 fluted cutters… I used that and got much better results.

Check it out…

Thanks! I’ll check it out and try it out tomorrow when I get off work. I figured the speeds may be off I was just using the recommended speed that easel gave for the 60° bit but I think I used soft Maple and I was cutting into poplar.

that would make a difference for sure, and poplar is quite fibrous, never machined it myself.

Best for carving is walnut, maple and cherry…

Yeah true I didn’t really think about it before I started cutting it. I just had a decent piece of poplar sitting in the shop I might just carve it on a different type of hardwood also.