Need help with x-carve and blackbox controller

I picked up s used x-carve that had a blackbox motion controlller with it, and now i cant get it to work. When i bought it the owner did show us it moving and working.

I h ave downloaded all the drivers and everything associated with the controller, when i hook it up to the machine and go through the setup process, when it asks to jog the machine in the X,Y,Z it will work for about 10sec then it wont jog any more. If i leave the setup and try to job the machine it will not respond. If i go to the section to where it asks about limit switches and run that the machine will run to the limit switchs and “discover” them but then it wont respond to anything else. So the motion controller is semi working but not totally and now i am just scratching my head on how to get it to work?

Which browser are you using Easel in? I’ve had problems in Firefox (not the same as yours), so I use Chrome and it behaves as it should.