Need help-

I have been out of touch for a long time due to my computer died and unable to get any/all my info off the hard drive for my laser engraving machine. So, this is where I need help.
I do not remember how to get Laser Grbl and Arduino working again. I did not have written info. I have installed the software for both apps. Arduino has been skethc uploaded and I get the message at the bottom of amount of space left. from here it’s a blank. I would really appreciate it if someone can detail what I have to do to get my DIY laser engraver working again.
Arduino uno with the CNC Shield and 3 stepper motor controllers installed.
Nothing as far as the hardware has been changed, only the software not being available from my other machine.
I hope I am not digging up old stuff but my memory isn’t like it used to be.
Thank You in advance for your helpBruce