Need Machine End Mill(1/8" Ball nose 2 flute upcut) cut settings for pine wood

I have 400 Watt spindle (max 12000 rpm). Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reply, I need setting for roughing and finishing both. I am using Meshcam.

Ok, I have to check whether two stage milling is possible in Meshcam or not as I have not much experience in CNC.

Hi Robert,

Below is the cut details on pine along with images. Is it right or something wrong in it?, Kindly suggest.

Cut setting :- RPM:- 12000, IPM:- 1600 mm/min, Depth per pass :- 1mm and plunge rate 228.6 mm/min.
Milling bit :- 1/8in single flute, upcut.

those chips actually look pretty decent you are after a chip and not dust

I would suggest switching to a downcut spiral instead of the upcut

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Thanks a lot.