Need Professional Design Completed

Hi All,

We offer handmade and production knives to our customers, and I have a new production knife that we would like to offer custom wood handles for. I am not sure how to design this for easel to cut for an exact fit, so I need to find someone that can do this for me? I can send you the knife scales and you can draw them out for me. Then you cna keep our knife, and I am willing to even pay a bit. :slight_smile: Is there anyone here withthe skills to daw up this for use with our Inventables machine and Easel program?

Just designed this for testing 3D milling and also 2d cutouts that can be done.

That looks great. You can draw up so the screw positions will fit perfectly? Are you up for the challenge of designing ours?

Wouldn’t you tend to want the blank just a bit oversized so you can sand it down to a perfect profile after the knife is assembled? So if that’s the case only the hole position needs to be really precise.
Do you have an office copier/fax/scanner? If so then place one of the metal pieces on the glass next to the best ruler you’ve got around and scan it at the highest resolution setting and post it here.

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Stabilize it.

Russ, I’d like to give it a shot. I think Steve had the right idea to post the scan could be a start. Several of us could take a crack at it.

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If anyone is interested I have 3d Cut which will make those as 3d carve paths and I have used the tool to make small sea horses.

Well I do not have a scanner, only can take a photo? Will that work? And yes, maybe the piece would need to be a bit oversized so I can sand and buff, but hole position should be exact.

If you put the blank and the ruler on a white piece of paper and take the photo looking down at the paper as straight as possible I can give it a try.

Yeah if you can scan it and then have a copy of the out line it would be easy to do that with measurements or send a physical part to measure up everything and then design it in fusion 360.

if you have an Ipad or Iphone you can scan it.(Also works with a digital camera)
Autodesk 123d catch
Then send it to me and I will clean it up. :wink:

Ok sorry was away for a few days for the holidays. Here is a few shots for you all. Sitting on my cnc tables, so you all are familiar with it. Is it possible?

It’s certainly possible and not even hard, but you’re not giving us what we need. Please do the following:

  1. Trace the object onto a piece of paper including outline and holes with a sharp pencil. Try to make the pencil point really hug the corners between the paper and the object. Remove the object.
  2. put a ruler on the paper next to the outline
  3. Take a picture straight down centered on the outline

Post the picture here. The trace to paper is a necessary step because it removes any distortion due to the objects height and the camera lens.

I made a carving g-code that can be imported into easel, and attached it here. (817.7 KB)

This carving pattern code is set up with these standard settings.
It is set up for Inch.
It’s 1/4 inch thick.
The Feed Rate is 120 inches per min.
The Plunge Rate is 60 inches per min.
The G-Code is made to run with a 1/16 Ball Nose 5.5 Degree Tapered (pencil shaped) three flute Carving bit.
And the step-over is set for Medium Resolution 5 steps per 1/16 inch.

You cannot run this without a pencil shaped bit. As a note when you take a photo it is captured in one small little spot in the middle of the lens. You can’t get accurate stuff that way and you can see that the holes are not straight down to the floor. But it might work. The ridges on the surface will make it a long carve and hard to sand down. The holes will most likely not match up perfectly. If you traced it on paper and scanned it then it would be more accurate. But this might work. Try it out.


Well I will try and do the tracing thing, but maybe I am out of my league here as I have nmo idea how to even open the .nc file to give your file a try :frowning:

You would go into Easel and import g-code. You could then zoom in with mouse wheel and move with right mouse button etc.

I was under the impression that he just wanted the outer contour and the holes cut and the surfaces would be done by hand after. He’s going to have to know a lot more before he’s ready to deal with a 3D surface carve like you gave him. I thought someone (possibly me) would just make a DXF or SVG file he could import into Easel and cut the 2D contours and have the flexibility of determining the bit and stock thickness.

Russ, give this quick test a try. I do not know what material or settings you intended to use so I left them all stock. It’s slightly oversized to allow for sanding.

Ok I got the image to load on easel, and as the other guy stated, I basically want the holes to be perfect, and the outside. I think I am a bit out of my league to begin to try and make this work aside from sending the knife off to a professional to have them exact measure and draw. As for the lines and such, I dont care about, I only wanted holes and depth of holes to be exact, and shape to be about spot on, leaving only small room for sanding.
I have a free $35 knife to anyone who would like me to send it to you and have it professionally drawn, as that is the only way I would be sure on measurements, depth, and all that stuff. Sorry guys, I basically have only used easel and only text things. Would like to do more, but my drawing skill levels are terrible.

I was going to offer to do it for $200, so that is about right. I would need a knife blank sent to me in order to do the work.

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