Need Raised Design Please Help

Hello All,
I am new here and just getting the hang of my X-Carve. I am carving a flag and need the stars raised not inverted. I cannot figure out how to do this. Please help.

Set your stars out in the size and grid you want. Put an extra rectangle around the stars. Highlight all the stars and the rectangle. Go to tools, pocket cut. Pick a fine bit 1/16” or so to pocket with and also select use larger bit for clearance and use 1/4 or 1/8 depending on your project size.

When you calculate and preview you will see the background in the rectangle is carved away, the stars are left proud.


Thank you so much Phil. I will try that when I get home.

Good evening Phil,
I was reading through the forum and came across your response to someone who asked you a question, you mentioned “Go to tools, pocket cut. Pick a fine bit 1/16” or so to pocket with and also select use larger bit for clearance" Can you do that in Easel?

Sorry, I only use Vcarve as I have no internet in my workshop and it’s too much of a pain to make minor alterations by taking code files from house to workshop. I should have made that clear.

Does easel not treat an external boundary the same?

What i was trying to figure out is how to select 2 bits, one for the clearance and the other for detail. I’m just starting to play around with Easel. I did lay out stars and a box in Easel and i was able to get it where it cut around the stars. I don’t know if you can select 2 bits to use on the same project in Easel.

I cannot do that is Easel. Still trying to figure this out.

Just choose “bit” for roughing out and “detail bit” to get in the tight corners. Both are then used on the same job.

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Ok so you can choose 2 bits in Easel?

@JennieTrull Create a pocket for your field and set the depth say .1”. Place stars in the field and set at zero cut depth. The the largest bit posssible for the roughing pass. Select the +sign next to the bit and select second bit for the detail pass. This bit out be a 1/16” or vbit. Your choice. Good luck