Need some advice / set up feeds on this one

I think I have this set up pretty good - I’m just not sure on the 1" bit feed / depth
I’ve only used it for flatting the waist board.
Using regular Pine - grain will be horizontal
project here

Hi Boyd, just my inputs on the project. I’m sure others will chime in with differing opinions, and that’s fine, but this is probably how I’d run it. . .

You the man! thanks for all the info! WOW.
I’m actually using solid pine - the idea is paint the wood black and then carve out the design-leaving the black raised - do a little sanding and then clearcoat it.
So I don’t have to go very deep of a cut, but I do want a lip.
Was originally going to do this with a 1/4 end mill and a 90 v bit for detail - then 1/8 to cut out
I’ll play around with the setting like you said - I’ll probably do a test run and see how it looks.
Thanks for all your help here

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