Need some guidance on what I'm doing wrong

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong to cause this in Easel? Using a 1/8 down cut and a 90 degree v bit and wood is pine.

The project has not been shared publicly. To do this, go to File > Share > select “Shared with Links”, copy the link and click “Save”. Paste the link here so we can go to it.

How do you home your bit between stages?

I home the v bit in the same position as the initial 1/8 down cut bit location then use z probe.

Does your V bit come to a point, or is there a very small ‘flat’ to the tip?

Have you verified that your 1/8th inch bit is really 1/8th inch by measuring a single line cut path?

Between stages, are you moving the X or Y position of the bit at all? The machine returns to your work zero at the end of the first stage, right? Then you change the bit, re-probe Z, and start the second stage?

No flat spot on v bit. Haven’t verified 1/8 bit, came from inventables when i ordered machine. I move the x y position so I can re probe then move back to z y location and start second stage. I’m pretty sure I have it in the same location before starting second stage.

Based on the image (looking in particular at the side of the letters), I would guess that you were not quite in the right spot when you re-homed your bit between the carve stages. Do you use the controls in Easel to move it?

How are you moving it? Are you jogging it via Easel?

I use the arrows in Easel to move, not manually.

When you move it, do you tap the arrow keys for incremental movement, or hold them down for continuous movement? Are you counting how far you move it and then reversing the action?

I tap the arrows for incremental movement and move the same number of times in each direction from home.

The discrepancy is consistent, so I am pretty sure you’re not missing steps. I don’t think it’s a calibration issue.

Is there any chance that you unintentionally nudged the spindle a little bit while loosening or tightening the collet during the bit change? I’ve heard that can happen. -looks around innocently-

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I’m sure I could have. I think I’m going to run this again with detail cut first and see how it looks then do the rough if needed just to experiment.