Need some help with this project

I am making a flag for myself and I am working on the stars section adding a EGA (eagle, globe and anchor) in it as well. I have run some test cuts with an engraving bit 30 degree with .01 at .05 depth and it is still losing all the detail.

any help would be appreciated. I can also share the .svg and .ai

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Did you set it to carve outline? What happens when you choose fill?

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I used outline as fill just carves out the whole inside. Outline tries to connect all the detail and makes a lot of little dots and circles.

What result are you trying to accomplish? Can you share your project?

Did you try a 2 stage carve, using a smaller bit on the second carve?

Use a 30 degree for the fine detail

can you share the project? maybe someone can help you

Try this SVG, with a fill.

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looked good to me in easel with a 2 stage cut, but i noticed you’re using safari, but looks like easel, so i’m not sure about that, above my exp…

@CRWW Did you use the svg from my last post?

I am using easel pro. I did the artwork in Illustrator cc. I will try the sag you sent Neil in the morning, I just got home from sushi so I am in food coma now haha

here’s the svg i copied and pasted into easel with a fill, but i’m not sure what you’re looking for… and i’m not sure on the size you’re making either…

The project I had done had more detail but will try the new one that Neil sent today on some scrap.

So I tried it today with a couple different bit combos and with inside and outside outline fill even with on path. I am trying to make it about 12x12 inch. I am running the depth at .0675 inch with a 1/16 bit and a 30 degree bit at .01

So did anything work?
Did you try the svg I uploaded?

I tried the svg Neil but I haven’t been able to keep the detail.

The svg is not detailed enough or the carve isn’t coming out right? Can you upload a pic?

here is where i stopped it

You sure you’re using a 30 degree endmill?
Maybe it’s a 60?

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