Need some repair hardware for x-carve, but cannot seem to find them

I need to get hold of a couple (prob 4) of the offset nuts for the v-wheels.
actually if i could get their assembly (wheel, nut, bolt, washer. then i would purchase a few of them to have as backup.
but if nothing else, the offset-nuts that go on the v-wheels.
Russ from Coral Springs, Fl.

You can take it from here. Just click.

here is the link for the offset nuts

Back when it was the Shapeoko, the community tried to crowdsource listings / sources for parts:

has a couple of links for the eccentric nuts, as well as instructions on making one’s own.

If you’re doing this, I’d suggest this is a perfect time to upgrade from offset nuts to the newer offset spacers approach. Here’s a thread on what’s needed. No point in buying spare parts which have been superseded by others, but I’d go ahead and replace all of them.


Thanks for all your help. Inventables got in touch w/me about the eccentric nuts - their link brought me to the “Spacers” page (hadn’t thought to look there 'cause it didn’t seem to make sense, but … after i got there & started looking @ stuff, i noticed the eccentric Spacers. ordered a few(4) to test them out. i’m sure they’ll be fine, but want to make 100% sure.

Russ from Coral Springs, Fl