Need someone to do a 3D print....CAN SOMEONE HELP?

I have a prototype I’m working on and need someone to do a 3D print. It’s a rectangle with a design, 18" x 13.5" x 1/2" thick. Please let me know if you can help. I would like it to be done in black. I have a SVG file with the design…or an Artcam file.

You’re going to have a hard time finding someone to do that, the dimensions are extremely large. My printer is one of the largest relatively standard designs, and it’s only 10"x12"x9".

I’m not aware of many consumer-end printers with an 18" capacity on either axis, unfortunately.

Depending on the design, it can be printed as multiple smaller parts and then glued together.

This is true, particularly if ABS is used so it can be solvent welded. But it’s not going to be a single-piece print unless he can happen on someone with a BigBox or the like, I suspect.

Hmmm…maybe laser engraver…or maybe I can just do it on my X-Carve…ugh.

That is basically it…but a little tweaked.

It’s not a design that lends itself to print by pieces.

@DanBrown which 3D printer do you have? I need another one and the print size is interesting.

I have a Maker’s Tool Works MendelMax 3. :slight_smile:

That’s both a bit thicker and a bit larger than my laser can handle either, unfortunately. Cutting half-inch stock will take some fairly solid wattage, probably a 100W system or better…

Did you look at Shapeways?

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Thanks for the feedback guys…and links.

I think this would be best on a laser engraver or a professional grade 3D printer (shapeways)
CNC would have the problem of not being able to do the sharp inside corners (can’t cut a square hole with a round bit)
A consumer grade 3D printer would take forever. The shape is all edges with very little infill area.

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