Need SVG help

Are there sites or programs that I can either get svg images from or convert jpegs to svg’s?

The svg files ive saved from convertio seem to be failing to upload. Getting a “vectorization failed: command failed: convert: not authorized” message

My date and time are correct as well

Upload the file that you are trying to convert.

My advice would be to look for svg files.

Conversion comes with its own set of problems and learning curve. Do yourself a favor and read up on bitmap vs pixel art. It will explain a lot.

You can also contract with online graphics freelancers who will convert images to svg for you. I’ve had a few done, it’s cheap and the quality is fantastic. - graphics & design / vector tracing

Wikimedia Commons has a number of SVG files, and there’s also and The Noun Project, and doing image searches by Filetype:SVG (you’ll need to adhere to any licensing or copyright for such found images).

I use the drawing program Inkscape to turn just about any graphic into an svg that Easel can use. It is free. I use it on a Mac. It is also available for Windows and Linux.

  1. Find a silhouette or other graphic on the internet, right click on it and copy.
  2. Paste it into Inkscape.
  3. In Inkscape select the image and do an easy procedure called trace bitmap.
  4. Once the bitmap is traced you will have two images stacked on top of each other. Delete the original image and then save the newly created image as an .svg.
  5. Import svg through Easel.
  6. Once in Easel you can re-size.
  7. Disclaimer: Understand that many images you find on the internet will have licensing and copyright restrictions.
    The program is robust and will do a great deal more. It is the poor man’s Adobe illustrator.
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