Need toolpath help north of houston

anyone in north houston or north of houston, im in magnolia and having an issue getting my toolpath correct in fusion 360, i think im gonna need hands on assistance

hello my name is johan manuel I live in webster if you still need help with your cnc I can help you look for partner for online business

just bought mine in brookshire TX ever get yours working I have 25 years master wood worker but new to CNC stuff

@RobertACarlson awesome. Welcome to the group. I have a bunch of videos that will help you get started. My background is similar to yours.

okay going to look

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hello my name is johan i have my cnc ase 4 years old if you need help documents whatever i live in Webster tx 77598 i help people with cnc.

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thank you I will be taking you up on it .I have a pretty powerful computer I am guessing Fire fox is a no no for browser as it froze when did a se how it would run I just was playing last night as it has not come yet . I was looking to mostly do ball joint straight run on flute blanks then turn over to do the sound cut outs if possible

Use chrome. It works best

thank you when I get started is there a way I can sen you a "private PM with say email and my phone number for the personal ???'s that may need some "on job explanation I am smart was a nurse going for masters until mugged by Illegals head trauma /4 smashed disk say no more nursing I have 25 years master building as well . but my writing spelling now 7th grade levels it is a form of dyslexia but not everyone knows that is . it be about 2-3 weeks. I thinking I have to finish putting in the electric panel build a fold up shelf for CNC few other things . first want it running by mid JULY with first commercial product sign or what not

ok I understand first of all I do not use Easel for my cnc I use Candle cnc and Vectric aspire everything runs without any problem and I do not pay month by month.

I live in webste I can help you

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