Need Wisdom of the Masses

I use my X-Carve (and laser cutter, and robotic cutter, and CNC pankcake maker, and…) just as a hobby, but one thing about all of these toys is that they make someone like me with no artistic skill or patience look really talented and professional.

So I’ve taken that, and doubled down, and created a fake company Facebook page to showcase this stuff, Spitfire Amalgamated Industries. As the name implies, Spitfire Amalgamated is intended to conjure thoughts of a large industrial multinational. Because this has itself become an unhealthy hobby, I’ve decided I need fancy laser-text on metal business cards, and in order for that, I need a title for myself. And this is where I’m at an impasse. Again, I’m not looking to make this a business, so anyone I would give these to would probably know me at least socially, and so the point is to not be taken too seriously.

Ideas thusfar are:
Chief Mad Scientist - Except these really are more about applied science than science itself.
Worldwide Director of Tinkering
Chief =Something Funny?= Officer
Malcontent Polymath
Robot Whisperer

None of those totally speak to me however. Any other thoughts? Like any of the above?

“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier and Spy”

Chief Technical/Operating Overlord (CTO/COO)

Mad Polymath <-- less of a mouthful than malcontent, and gets some madness (insanity) into it… makes it more fun.

Thanks! These are great! I keep circling around the Polymath thing because in some ways, I think it describes the eclectic nature of the various things, but at the same time sounds kind of pretentious. I like Mad better than Malcontent, but keep searching for that fun phrase that means, “I know just enough to be dangerous about a lot of things”.

Precocious Polymath?

has nice alliteration and just that hint of of sophomoric over the top flavor… maybe find some vowel word to insert to get PAP/PEP/PIP/etc

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Manager Supreme for the Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance.
Maxim the First:
Pillage, THEN burn.


I was kinda serious: I bought one on clearance. Its not actually very useful for feeding people. Its great fun to watch though.

Senior Chief Resident Electron Wrangler/Manipulator?
SCREWM :rofl:

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(Mass) Molecule Wrangler?

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Head Mother Freaker In Charge - HMFIC

Giapetto & Gearloose Unlimited