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Needed items for Easel and Easel Devs

So my first request is of course the ability to upload and process files that arent images.

Number 2 -
What I would love to see is the ability to skin the UI. What I would LOVE to be able to do is add jogging controls to the UI and buttions for mist/flood as well.

If we as easel devs had the ability to do that, that would be awesome (And less work for you)


Could you elaborate more on “he ability to upload and process files that aren’t images”?

You can import vector graphics such as DXF and SVG and you can have Easel extract shapes from image files like JPEGs. Easel can also import G code created by other programs if someone makes that available to you.

Are you looking for something that will work with solid shapes such as .STL files or sources like 3D greyscale height maps?

Yes, I would be happy to.

I was looking to create a plugin to process and place STL files (But grayscale might be a good idea too, but thats an image).

When you try to upload a non-image using the upload control it complains that the file is not an image.

STL implies 3D. Easel can’t do 3D toolpathing

That impliation might be correct, but is immaterial to what I want to do

@RonOhmer You want to develop the app for Easel? Is something in the API preventing you from creating a file upload?

When you select a file that isnt an image file and select upload, it says it isnt an image and fails.

Are you trying to do that through the Import–>Image?
Or are you creating your own app?

The File Upload control