Needing Fusion 360 modeling advice

I have several Maya modeled 3D designs I need to redesign in Fusion 360 (sorry-it has to be Fusion)
Looking for someone to assist in modeling and possibly offer any mentoring and training via Skype.

I’m willing to pay for this expertise.

I asked a similar question a while back. Essentially, I ended up with this book:

I’m still just a beginner, but did manage to manipulate the file for one of my customers. Looking forward to getting better at it. (I am a v-carve pro person so never needed to learn anything else… until recently).

Can you post an image of the model you need to redesign?
I am willing to get you started through Skype, but I need to be sure what you want to design is within my knowledge.

I’d like to suggest fiverr both for tutoring and help on the file