Needing tips for getting smooth finish with Chalkboard paint

I am making some chalkboard for my co-workers as a Thank you gift. They are MDF which I have put 2 coats of de-waxed shellac on them. I have tried paint with a brush (you can see brush strokes), spray can (Texture and spotting from drips), and my Earlex 5500 (orange peel from being thick even after I thinned it).

Should I settle for orange peel? Or should I try another method? My preference is spraying because of speed. I am trying to batch out 7 - 10 at a time.


Orange peel comes from a thicker paint, like you know already, and humidity and temp can affect how a paint dries as well…at least from my automotive experience. Never used chalk board paint though.

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i did i big 2 sided sandwitch sign for my sisters store just last week and put chalk board paint on it and it worked great. i like you started with spray and was getting it to come out in blobs. i used it as a primer coat and switched to a brush. 2 coats with a bruch and it was perfect. also your mdf was smoother then my plywood. just be sure to light sand between coats with 400 grit paper and clean it good and also use a high quility brush.

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