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NEJE 30w laser fitting

I went a little mad and bought the (very) wrong laser for my 3018. Has anyone fitted a similar module? I need a mount for the thing - no printer here.

I made one that fits a Dewalt router, but I don’t think most 3018s use one.

Would this work?

I used a metal hose clamp, I think 6". Around the motor housing, holding a n3j3. It offset the work area a LOT but I was engraving coasters, so alignment to cnc spindle was not critical… and using only partial work area was not a big deal either, & I didn’t want to keep removing and replacing the spindle since I was flipping between the 2 fairly often

Ah, we think along the same lines! I wondered if a printed housing might exist to take a larger bodied laser whilst also considering strapping the thing to the front, as you’ve already done. That’ll do for me - also a coaster man…
Many thanks

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Any chance you have an image with that mounted to a 3018?