Nema 17 Stepper Motor Getting Hot

Hi There
My Z Axis Nema 17 stepper motor has started getting pretty hot, I have recently opted to use The Makita as my spindle, which has totally transformed my machine, the other steppers run pretty cool, my machine does run about 8 hours a day generally, but never misses a beat…
Are they ok running hot, is it on its way out does anyone think…

With a lot of Z-axis movement, my NEMA 17 stepper was getting pretty hot; didn’t have a laser thermometer at the time to measure the actual temperature. I upgraded to a NEMA 23 with ACME lead screw that is available here. The kit has a 2/1 pulley system, so you have to adjust the Z-axis steps after installing it.

Maybe your current setting for that axis is too high.