Nema 23 269 oz with X Carve style connector

I’m looking for the Nema 23 269 oz steppers like TBD used to sell I need 3 of them for my machine with the x carve style connector. I have looked all over the internet found some on eBay and purchased them, but unfortunately they were the wrong model. They came with the 8 mm shaft. If anyone could help me out that would be awesome thanks for your help.

These have a 1/4" shaft.

heres what i was looking for Funien Stepper Motors, Nema 23 Stepper Motor with Motor Leads Shaft Diameter 8mm High Torque Machine Stepping Motor 23HS7628 Bipolar 3D Printer Parts Kit

I see, you wanted the connectors on the motor. So you did find it?

Yes still trying to find it cheaper and in the US. But that’s a good start. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP

I know you want the connectors but I find these to be better and cheaper.

I use these on my x-carve and added the terminal blocks back on my machine.

also if you don’t want the terminal blocks, you can get the female connector and wire them.