Nema 23 question

23 nema motors are larger holes for screws are different for xcarve 1000. Do I have to drill new holes on plate?

I have the stock 500mm with the NEMA 23s installed. The 1000mm should have the same hole pattern.

For powering my NEMA17 motors I use the Pololu 8825 drivers. I did a speed test at 8000 mm/min and that works fine. In real life I only cut light materials and this power train proved to be sufficient for me. The steppers are set to 2.2A and the motors are rated at 2.5A In a long job (1 hr for me) the X gets warmer than the Y and Z but not to dangerous levels.

The documentation on the website about stepper motors and drivers is very easy to understand. I recommend you take a look.

The Inventables NEMA 17s are rated at 1.68 amps per phase. Hopefully, you have someone else’s NEMA 17s.

Yes, I am using the Wantai Motors NEMA17 with a holdong torque of 4.8 Kg/cm = 47.1 N-cm They are rated for 2.5A

It proved to be cheaper on shipping an import taxes to buy these locally,

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