Nephew sign

Can someone offer me some help on how to print this sigh i created

I just dont know the setting in easel to make it look decent. Im using outline and cutting it 3/8 deep.

I did print a small version of it but it came out really bad i will post a pic in few

plywood does not have the dimensional stability to keep all those little pieces in there. The bit is snapping them off and throwing them out of the cut.

If you have a 1/16" bit or a v bit, try that and cut it at 1/16 to 1/8 deep.

Do what Phil said, 3/8 is crazy deep for that sign. Do you have a 60 deg or 30 deg vbit? If not you need one.

I changed the bit size in your file and all of your letters have double lines as well.

I have 45 degree angle carbide bits, would that work ? and the setting for easel should be at 1/8 outline? I also have 1/6 bit

For a v bit, you’ll want to cut center on the line. The width of the cut is solely dependent on the depth of cut. The deeper you cut, the wider the line will be. You can set your bit size to something small.

I will try this today when i get home, so to recap lower the Depth to match the V bit, and keep everything else the same ?
Outline, On Path ?

Thank you everyone for the help

I post the link to my project, on my first post ?

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I created this image in inks-cape,
but when i load it on f engrave to v carve and hit CAlc vcarve it seems to carve everywhere even outside the image.

So im getting better result after i imported the image to .bmp instead of dxf, now i need to learn how to get f engrave to talk to xcarve lol, i took a break with my xcarve to learn 3d printing i can say im decent at 3d printing now, but cnc is another beast lol

hey phil i downloaded nighversion 2.0 UGS
My header for UGS:

M3 S18000


You recommedn this for UGS but were do i set this ?

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Im trying to do a test run so i can see it in action and then i can customize anything to my liking, but UGS keep erroring down with ewrror: BAD number format